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Home Remedies For Blackheads

Home Remedies For Blackheads. Before we start to discuss about the home remedies for blackheads, it is first of all important to know what blackheads are. Blackheads refer to small sized black colored bumps on the skin’s pores, mainly appearing on neck, nose, chest, forehead, and back.

Blackheads Home Remedies – Intro


A blackhead on the skin is a symptom of acne, which mainly occurs due to lack of hygiene and improper skin care. The pores of the skin get clogged due to blackheads on the skin, consequently ruining the health of the skin.

The problem occurs when the skin’s sebaceous glands produce more oil than required. There are several ways to get rid of blackheads. The beauty industry is loaded with numerous products which help in removing blackheads.

Home Remedies For Blackheads

However, some people have sensitive skin. Therefore, the use of chemically enriched commercial products on the skin should be restricted as far as possible. The best way to deal with blackheads on the skin is through home remedies.

1.Blackheads Remedies – Radish Seeds

A paste made by combining together water and ground radish seeds would help in getting rid of blackheads in a natural way.

2.Blackheads Remedies – Cinnamon Powder and Lime Juice

One of the effective home remedies for blackheads is the application of cinnamon powder and lime juice, in equal ratio, on the skin. It is suggested to practice this treatment on regular basis for around fifteen days to see effective results. Adding a little amount of turmeric powder to the mix would help in delivering more effective results.

3.Blackheads Remedies – Rosewater

Rosewater is believed to be of immense help for the skin, when used in combination with almond powder or oatmeal. The paste should be allowed to stay on the skin for around fifteen minutes, before rinsing it off to treat blackheads.

4.Blackheads Remedies – Turmeric Powder and Cucumber Juice

A mixture of turmeric powder and cucumber juice, when applied in 1:2 ratio on the skin, helps in fighting against pimples and blackheads in a successful way.

5.Blackheads Remedies – Honey

The role of honey with respect to blackheads treatment cannot be ignored. The healing properties contained in honey would help in removing blackheads successfully. Honey should be applied in combination with sugar in the form of facial scrub to get rid of blackheads.

6.Blackheads Remedies – Honey and Lime Juice

Application of honey and lime juice on the skin would assist in treatment of blackheads in an effective way.

7.Blackheads Remedies – Tomato

Regular application of mashed tomato or tomato juice on the skin would help in fighting blackheads successfully.

8.Blackheads Remedies – Grapes

Applying pulp of grapes on the skin area affected by blackheads is also an effective home remedy.

9.Blackheads Remedies – Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is enriched with powerful antioxidants which help in getting rid of blackheads in a natural and effective way.

10.Blackheads Remedies – Soda Bicarbonate

Adding soda bicarbonate in boiling water, and taking steam on face with this mix would help in getting rid of blackheads. After taking steam, it is suggested to apply a pack made of curd and rice flour on the skin, and rinse it off with cold water after around twenty minutes. Practicing this treatment five to six times would be enough to give effective results.

Blackheads Remedies – Disclaimer

The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation. Thanks for understanding !

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