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20 Home Remedies for Manicures

Home Remedies for Manicures. A manicure is an adventure in nail trimming, cuticle removal, nail filing, moisturizing and polish that isn’t limited to just women. Anyone can benefit from this rejuvenating treatment of the nails and hands. Also, not everyone has to seek the help of a professional when they become familiar with home remedies for manicures.

Home Remedies for Manicures

Manicure Home Remedies – Intro

A manicure is much more than treating the nails to a bit of pampering. The entire hand benefits from a manicure, which addresses the overall cleanliness and health of your hands. Manicures offer exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and calluses that grow in your nails and hands. As a result, the treatment allows new skin cells to grow and regenerate. Manicures additionally remove fungal growth that gathers at the side of the nails. The entire process is also good for relieving stress, as many see it as a way to relax.

20 Manicure Home Remedies

Whether you require a little “me time” or are in need of a serious hand and nail makeover, you don’t have to break the bank. Simply consider the following home remedies for manicures, which will help you save money and enjoy relaxation in the comfort of your own surroundings:

1.Manicure Remedies – Lemon Juice:

It’s not uncommon to find your nails have yellowed once you’ve removed nail polish – especially when you like the darker shades (like candy apple red). To enhance the appearance of your nails, soak in an equal amount of lemon juice and water for five minutes.

2.Manicure Remedies – Olive Oil:

To speed up the drying process after a manicure, gently place olive oil on each nail and leave on for 30 minutes. This remedy will also help avoid drying out the nails. You can use olive oil as a nice replacement for cuticle oil – simply rub into your cuticles to provide nourishment and moisture.

3.Manicure Remedies – Cotton Pads or Ball:

It may be tempting to swipe away old nail polish using tissue, but the material doesn’t absorb remover well and will wind up falling apart. Instead, use a cotton pad to remove old polish. Cotton balls also work, but have the potential to leave behind strings of fiber.

manicure remedies

4.Manicure Remedies – Egg Yolks:

Take advantage of the biotin (a B vitamin) found in eggs when you soak your cuticles in a couple of yolks

5.Manicure Remedies – Liquid Soap:

To soften your nails, place in a bowl of warm water for five minutes with an added two tablespoons of your favorite liquid soap. Do not soak in hot water as this will only dry out your nails and hands.

6.Manicure Remedies – Olive Oil and Kosher Salt:

Exfoliate your hands with a homemade scrub made from olive oil and kosher salt. Scrub for two to three minutes, and then thoroughly wash your hands.

7.Manicure Remedies – Mayonnaise:

Every couple of weeks, try soaking your nails in a small bowl filled with mayonnaise to get healthy cuticles. Leave in for 10 minutes.

8.Manicure Remedies – Matchbook:

When no nail file is in sight, use the rough edge of a matchbook instead.

9.Manicure Remedies – Nail Polish Remover:

Even if you weren’t wearing nail polish, you can use remover to clean away the dirt and oils that can affect how well your polish adheres to nails.

10.Manicure Remedies – Bedtime Ritual:

To make a manicure last longer, apply oil to nails and cuticles before going to bed [2].

11.Manicure Remedies – Brown Sugar:

After filing your nails, keep your hands moist and smooth by scrubbing them with a mixture of two tablespoons of brown sugar and three tablespoons of olive oil. Scrub your hands with the remedy, and then move on to pushing back your cuticles.

12.Manicure Remedies – Popsicle Stick:

To push back cuticles, you can use a Popsicle stick when you don’t have the proper tool at hand.

manicure remedies

13.Manicure Remedies – Toothpaste:

To whiten your nails, apply a whitening or peroxide-containing toothpaste (not the gel kind) on an old toothbrush and scrub away.

14.Manicure Remedies – Hydrogen Peroxide:

Nails that seem yellowed or discolored will benefit from a paste made out of one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of baking soda. Rub the remedy under and across each nail. Allow the mixture to sit for three minutes before removing.

15.Manicure Remedies – Milk:

To soften hands before a manicure, soak in a small bowl of whole milk for five to ten minutes.

16.Manicure Remedies – Diet Changes:

Your diet can affect the health of your cuticles and nails. Improve your nail health by limiting your intake of sugar, fats, and alcohol. Increase foods that offer a decent source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, zinc, and lean protein.

17.Manicure Remedies – Nail File:

To achieve a better shape, file your nails when they are completely dry.

18.Manicure Remedies – Refrigerator:

Lengthen the life of your nail polish by storing in a cool, dry place – like the refrigerator.

19. Manicure Remedies – Shape Matters:

The shape of your nails can affect how long they look. For example, overly blunt or square edges typically display a shorter appearance. Round or oval shapes tend to give off the illusion of length.


The information included at this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment by a healthcare professional. Because of unique individual needs, the reader should consult their physician to determine the appropriateness of the information for the reader’s situation. Thanks for understanding !

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