How to Stop a Bloody Nose?

This article is about ways to stop a bloody nose. Nosebleed is very common among children and adults. In most of the cases it doesn’t indicate as a serious health issue. Most of the time nosebleed is a scary experience for people of every age group. Almost every person has experienced a nose bleed in his life. But this is a common problem in children as they are more prone to it while playing or running. Also it depends upon factors like location, climate, frequency or so on. Sometimes it may cause due to allergy or any respiratory infection. In most of the cases nosebleed is the anterior bleeding, which comes from the front nose. Nose bleeds is not considered as a medical emergency. There are many home remedies to cure bleeding from nose. If the problem still persists, you need to consult a doctor.

How to stop a bloody nose

Ways to Stop a Bloody Nose:

You can try some home remedies to stop a bloody nose. These are very effective and easy to use.

1.) Pinch and Press to Stop a Bloody Nose

This is the simplest way to stop a bloody nose. All you need to do is pinch and press. This method has been used since ages. It is very effective and shows immediate results. Pinching helps to check the blood flow immediately. Whereas pressing helps to seal the blood vessels. Always sir straight with your head tilted forward in order to prevent the blood from running down the throat. Now softly blow your nose and clears out the clots. To do this use your index fingers and apply a soft pressure on the nose just below the bony bridge. Continue doing this for 10 minutes and breathe through the mouth. After 5 minutes release the pressure and repeat it again. Always remember that, don’t lay flat or tilt your head in backward direction while doing this.

2.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Prevent a Bloody Nose

It is very essential remedy to cure a bloody nose. Apple cider vinegar is an important ingredient which is used to prevent the excessive blood loss from the vessels. It also helps to seal the broken vessels. Moreover, the acidic content in the body helps to kill the bacteria and soothe the tissues. It also prevents the further spreading of bacteria. To try this remedy take a few drops of apple cider vinegar. Put it on a cotton ball and place them in both the nostrils. Wait for 5 minutes and take it out. Alternatively, you can drink apple cider vinegar by putting one teaspoon of it in a glass of water. Drink it two times a day to prevent bleeding of the nose.

3.) Cold Compress to Minimize Bloody Nose

A cold compress is an another effective way to stop a nose bleed. The low temperature of ice helps to restrict the flow of blood from the nose. It stops bleeding in a few minutes. Moreover, it reduces inflammation in case of the injured nose. Cold compress numbs the area and provides a speedy recovery. To do this remedy all you need is take an ice and apply it directly on the nose. You can also crush the ice and wrap it in a piece of cloth. Now put it on the nose. Keep it for 2 minutes and again repeat the process. If you don’t have ice, use cold water by dipping a cloth in it and put it on the nose. Do this remedy twice a day to stop a bloody nose.

4.) Saline Water to Treat a Bloody Nose

Saline water can be used for nasal irritation. It clears the blocked nose, which is caused by an allergy or sinusitis. A salt water is a good remedy that can be used at home. It is absolutely safe. Salt water helps to moisturize the inner lining of the nasal passage and reduces the irritation of nasal membrane. This remedy works as a wonder by excessive cold and dry climate. Add a pinch of salt in water. Mix it well. Now pour it with a few drops of the solution in the nostrils. One can also use a spray for this purpose. Follow this remedy 2-3 times a day to cure the bloody nose.

5.) Cayenne Pepper to Halt a Bloody Nose

This hot spice is very useful to treat bleeding in the nose. This natural treatment helps in adjusting the blood flow in the vessels and promotes faster coagulation. Cayenne pepper travels the circulatory system and takes off the blood pressure from hemorrhaging areas. This spice works as a cell stimulant. Vitamin C present helps in strengthening the blood capillaries and preventing. To try this remedy one can add a teaspoon of cayenne powder in a glass of water and drink it daily. Alternatively, you can add this in your food to get the desired results. Try this remedy to cure bloody nose.

6.) Steam to Stop a Bloody Nose

It is one of the amazing remedies for nose bleeds. It is very effective if the person is chronic to nose bleed and is affected by low humidity. Inhaling a steam helps to delicate the muscles and keep it moist all the time. It also removes the accumulated blood from the nose. To try this method take a boiling water in a vessel. You can put some essential oil in it. Now cover your head with a towel and inhale steam. Draw the steam for 5 to 10 minutes by breathing in gently. Be careful that not lean too much towards the boiling water. Alternatively, you can take the steam from a cup or mini steam bath.

7.) Nettle to Stop a Bloody Nose

Nettle is a popular medicinal herb which is used widely for various health conditions. The powerful astringent properties of this herb are very useful to prevent nose bleed. It also cures the wounds and slows down the blood flow. Nettle is also used as a preventive treatment for nose bleed. It cures the capillaries and prevents allergies. To follow this remedy, take some nettle leaves and boil it in water. Steep it for some time. Strain the solution and drink it slowly. One can add honey in it for taste. Alternatively, you can put nettle leaves in your soup or tea. Consume 2 cups of nettle tea daily to cure a nose bleed.

8.) Onions to Halt a Bloody Nose

Onions have amazing properties. This healthy rhizome is loaded with essential nutrients and is often related to cure many health problems. It treats the blood loss and promotes the clotting. In addition to this, onions contain vitamin C and bio-flavonoids which helps in strengthening the capillaries and making them susceptible to bleed. The sulfur gas from onion are very powerful to clot the blood. To try this remedy cut an onion and eat. You can eat them as a salad. Alternatively, you can cut an onion into thick slices and bring them near your nostrils. Inhale the fumes for few minutes. One can add put 2-3 drops of onion juice into nostrils. Try this remedy to get excellent results.

9.) Coriander to Cure a Nose Bleed

It is a very popular herb which is used in many dishes. Coriander has many medicinal properties. These are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that makes it a powerful ingredient. It is always highly recommended for treatment of nosebleed. The cooling properties of coriander help to stop the nose bleeding and balances the pressure of blood in the vessels. The antihistamine properties of coriander prevents allergies. To do this remedy, boil some coriander leaves in water and drink it. Also, you can put some drops of coriander in nostrils to stop a bloody nose. You can also put a paste of fresh coriander on the forehead to stop a bloody nose.

10.) Holy Basil to Stop a Nose Bleed

Basil is also known as tulsi. It is very rich in medicinal properties. Holy basil acts as a nerve tonic and removes the phlegm from the respiratory tube. It soothes the stressed nerves and the blood vessels. Basil helps to soothe the nose and stops bleeding. It is a very wonder remedy to cure a nose bleed. It can be used by adults and children. You can make tea with leaves of holy basil. Drink at least 2 cups of it regularly to cure nose bleeding. Alternatively, one can chew the fresh leaves of basil to get rid of a bloody nose.