How to Pop Your Ears

There are times when you just feel the need to pop your ears and also when you’re traveling. You would like the ability to hear again and this is very common. The pressure that is build up inside the ear makes you disable and also trouble hearing, but popping your ears can help solve the problem. So how to pop your ears and relieve ear congestion? For some people a long time ago, they have learned how to pop their eats but the fact is that you are reading this right now might mean that you are having some trouble with popping your ears. There are various ways on how to pop your ears, but before you figure out you first need to know and also understand the reason why your ears can give you discomfort. The eustachian tube can be found inside the ear maintains the pressure on both sides of the ear. The eustachian tube becomes blocked when there is too much pressure to build up inside the ear, this can cause a very uncomfortable feeling. You can pop your ears easily with these different ways.  In order to make you feel comfortable again here are some of the things you can do. There are ten natural ways to unpop your ears fast and safely.

how to pop your ears

Ways to Pop your Ears:

There are many ways to pop your ears. Try some of them to see the excellent results.

1.) Salt Water to Pop your Ears

It is a wonderful remedy to pop your ear. Salt is easily available at home and is easy to use. It softens the accumulated wax and helps in getting rid of it. Moreover, salt treats the itchiness and infection in the ear. Also, it kills the infection in the ear. To apply this remedy all you need is a pinch of salt. Mix a teaspoon of salt in a half cup of water. Dissolve it completely. Now soak a cotton ball in the salt water. Tilt your ear in the upward direction towards the sky. Now put few drops of it into the ear. Stay in the same position for 20 minutes. Now do the same process in another ear. Clean the outer part of the ear and remove the softened wax. Do this remedy very carefully to remove cerumen from the ear.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide to Minimize Pain in Ears

It is an effective way to get rid of severe pain in the ear Due to the effervescent property of hydrogen peroxide, one can get rid of the wax from the ear. The soothing property of hydrogen peroxide also soothes the itchiness and pain in the ear. To apply this remedy, all you need is hydrogen peroxide. Take equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Mix it well. Now with the help of an ear dropper put the saline solution into the ear. Before doing this, tilt your head towards upward direction towards the sky. Stay in the same position for 20 minutes. Drain out the excess liquid from the ear by tilting your head in opposite direction. Also wipe out the excess of ear wax with the help of a clean cloth. Apply this remedy at least twice a week to pop your ears.

3.) Swallow to Pop Your Ears

Now at this point, you must be thinking why swallowing is included when you usually swallow unconsciously all throughout the day. Whether you swallow the pressure inside your body forces the eustachian tube to become open again. The pressure you are feeling in your ear by doing this will help equalize the pressure. Do remember that there will be times when you will find it hard to swallow probably because there is too much pressure that can be in the ears. Drink water to help you swallow faster and try to swallow anyway. You can swallow anything of your choice. Try this method to pop your ears.

4.)  Avoid Sleeping to Pop your Ears

During long trips there are some people who cannot help but sleep. While this can be uncomfortable for some because it might be only time to nap, sleeping when car is ascending or descending a mountain or when the plane is about to land will only increase the amount of pressure that can be found inside the ear. The pressure stays in much longer because when people sleep, they do not swallow or chew and this can help you to unpop your ears.  As long as the air pressure is on your ear and it is okay to sleep only when you know that you are far away from places that might take the air pressure away.Try to avoid places that make you feel sleepy and also try to keep yourself busy by doing various things.

5.) Chew to Pop your Ears

Swallowing and chewing and sucking hard candy can trigger which helps to cause the to open and also to relax the throat. It helps to normalize the pressure on the eardrum. To relieve soreness in the throat you can combine the exercise with lozenges. Chewing helps to unpop your ears, nose and the tube that connects the two parts.

6.) Apply Heat to Relive Pain in Ears

One your neck and ear if you place a microwaveable heat bag on it will help the cold symptoms reduce to relieve any pressure. Another tip on how to unpop your ears is taking a hot bath for better results combine this tip with other methods such as lozenges or chewing.

7.) Yawn to Pop your Ears

While to yawn you cannot force you self a lot of people feel the urge to yawn whenever they see someone else yawn. As seeing the word, for others the trigger many be as simple to get rid of the air pressure that has built up inside the ears yawning can be very beneficial. Think about yawning, it is likely that your body will do it afterwards.

8.) Use Nasal Spray to Pop your Ears

Since the ear is conned to the nose, making use of nasal spray can help get rid of the air pressure that can be found inside the ear, it can be a bit hard to continue using the nasal spray do remember especially during a long flight because there are times when it can clogs the ears further because of overdose.  Purchase nasal spray from a store before you go out. You can also make your own nasal sray by mixing in salt water place the tip of the spray on Spray on the nose to unblock the Eustachian tube.

9.) Take Hard Candy to Pop your Ears

The main reason why you would need to take a crazy is because this can help you swallow often. The more you Swallow, like mentioned earlier, the more chances that the pressure in your ear will go away. Eat hard candy that you swallow faster because you like that taste. Since this can be bad for the teeth, make sure not to eat too much candy.

10.) Ear Drops to Pop your Ear Fast

Especially long flights can help get rid of the pressure that you are feeling inside your ear there is always a chance that you can use of ear drops. Place a few drops of the ear drops inside one ear. Tilt your head the other way so that the liquid will not come out yet. Do the same for the other ear. It will help you a lot to remove ear wax and relieve pain in the ear.

11.) Hot Shower to Pop your Ears

As a result, there are times when the steam from the hot shower can make you breathe better. The pressure that has been built up can also help significantly lessen. It helps to lower down the pain in the ear. Whenever you feel pain in a ear, go for a hot shower. It will help to cure the pain in the ear.

12.) Ear Bud to Pop up Ears

One can use an ear bud to pop up the ears. You can put an ear bud in the ears and take out the wax. It can be done easily at home. All you need to do is take an ear bud. Put it in the ear to take out the wax. Don’t put it so deep inside, as it can harm the ear drum. Do this remedy to pop your ear.