How to Grow Taller?

This article is about ways to grow taller. Height of a person is something that makes his personality stand out among all. They appear more charming than others. If you are not as tall as your friends then you should never feel inferior. Short height should be accepting as the gift of God as short height make people look cute. But, in case you still you want to get taller then you can definitely try some of the factors. Before beginning with anything further, the very first thing that you keep in mind is that your height largely depends on the genetics and the environment.

You should also know that after a point of time, your height becomes stagnant. But, before that times passes away, you can surely try different ways to become taller. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways that will help your grow taller. Read the article and learn about the best ways to increase your height.

Ways to Grow Taller:

As said above, your height largely depends on the genetics and environment factors. It is basically the height of your family line that decides you height. But sometimes, you tend to leg behind because of some other factors. In that condition, you might try some of the best ways that would surely help you with the purpose. Here we will discuss different ways that you can surely follow and become taller faster at home.

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1.) Understand Height is Predetermined by Genetics to Grow Taller

This is the very first thing that you should consider to increase you height. You height is determined by the genetics of your family. It is a polygenic trait that means that it is influenced by different genes. If your parts are short then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will also grow short. But, in case most of the members of both side of your parents are short then you will have a short height. It doesn’t mean that you will short for sure. You reach full height when you reach mid twenties. Well there is a way to calculate your average height. Follow the given steps to predict your height:

  • Add your dad’s and mom’s height in inches.
  • If you are boy, add five and if you are a girl subtract five.
  • Divide it by two.
  • The answer will be your predicted height.

Note: It is just an estimate, not the exact production.

Whatever estimate you get, you can try to increase you height to that estimate. Further in the article we will discuss different that will help you increase your height.

2.) Sleep Properly to Grow Taller

This is the most necessary thing to do in order to grow taller. Research has shown that teenagers and pre-teenagers who get adequate sleep daily tend to grow taller. According to the research, they should sleep between 8 hours to 11 hours. This is because of the reason that the body grows and regenerates tissues when you are asleep. The best way to ensure the maximum amount of sleep is by making the environment calm and quite. Switch off all the unnecessary lights in the room. In case you have some trouble in sleeping then you can try hot bath or a cup of chamomile to it. You need to drink tea before going to bed.

  • You should consider taking proper sleep as Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are produced in the body when you are taking a sound sleep. This hormone is created in pituitary gland when you are into deep sleep.
  • HGH can also be injected into the body under the supervision of a licensed doctor. They come in pills, powdered and injection form. But, they are medically suspected and can have serious side effects. In case you want to inject these hormones into your body, you should talk to your doctor for the purpose.

3.) Avoid Factors Hampering Growth to Grow Taller

There are a number of factors that may affect the growth rate. They might work as impediments in the ways of making your body taller. You should consider taking different steps to avoid the impediments that are hampering your height. For example, you should avoid drugs and alcohol completely. These both are known to stunt your height if you start to consume them when you are young. Apart from that, malnutrition is another factor that stunts your height.

The concept and perceptions about smoking, caffeine and steroids:

  • Regarding smoking, caffeine and steroids, there is a lot of confusion if these  can affect your growth or not. Let’s read some facts about the three.
  • Smoking – Smoking does have adverse effects on the body mass index of a person but its effects on height are dicey. However, the recent research conducted by Columbia University’s Internet Health Resource suggests that children who smoke are shorter than the children who do not.
  • Caffeine – Caffeine does not have any direct effect on the height of a person but keeps one from getting a proper sleep. And, this aspect of caffeine surely affects the growth of a person. Thus, kids and teenagers should be kept away from caffeine.
  • Steroids – Steroids can affect your height. Children who are treated with steroids are shorter than the children who are not treated with steroids.

4.) Eat Healthy to Grow Taller

Eating healthy is also one of the major factors that contribute to hair growth. One should ensure that there are a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in one’s body. To attain full height, your body is supposed to have sufficient amount of nutrients and you can get that only by eating healthy. You should healthy maintain the proper of amount of vitamins and minerals in the body. In case you are lacking some nutrients, you can go for supplements according to your age. Basically, you should try to have proper food.

i.) Maintain the Level of Minerals and Vitamins in Body

  • Maintain the level of calcium in the body. It keeps the bones strong and also helps them grow. Along with that, sufficient amount of calcium also ensures osteoporosis.
  • You should intake sufficient amount of carbohydrate and calories in the body. It will give energy to the body which would help to grow.
  • You should also ensure the intake of 500 mg of niacin in the body. It will have significant impact on the growth hormones. Make sure that niacin is taken on an empty stomach.
  • Vitamin D is another important vitamin that one should have in his body. Vitamin D is great for children as it helps in growth of bone and muscles of children. Deficiency of this vitamin in the body can also stunt the growth of a person, mainly in children and teenagers. You can go for foods like mushrooms, alfalfa and fish. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight.
  • Protein is also equally important for your body. It is necessary for muscle buildup. They are the building blocks of body. It is high requires by your body for growth. You should go for foods high in proteins like eggs, legumes, meat and tofu. One of your meals should be really high in protein.
  • Zinc is another important that is required by your body to grow. Deficiency of zinc can really be a big cause of stunted growth. To overcome the problem, you should increase the consumption of foods high in zinc. These foods include chocolate, oysters, eggs, asparagus, peas and peanuts. You can go for supplements as well.

ii.) Eat Timely

  • Eating timely is one of the most important factors that promote growth of a person. Make a proper schedule of eating and go with that schedule only. Also, between three meals, you should definitely some snacks.

5.) Boost Your Immune System to Grow Taller

Boosting your immune system is also something that should be your next goal in order to grow taller. When your immune system is weak you fall sick and get cornered by different ailments and it stunt your growth. You might be ill because of not being immunized when you were baby but when you are grown up, you can work on your immune system and make strong. The best way to boost your immune system is by having plenty of vitamin C. You can increase the consumption of fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and lemon. Also, you must take plenty of rest when you fall sick.

  • You should consume more of whole wheat and fresh fruits and fruits and foods. Stay away from processed and canned foods. They are high in calories and nothing else. Go for fresh fruit, to get nutrients and vitamins in your body.
  • Also increase the consumption of wide variety of foods. You should increase the consumption of foods high in protein. For the purpose, go for nuts, cheese, milk fish and other foods. You can also eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Also go for foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

6.) Good Postures to Grow Taller

 You can also practice some good postures in order to increase your height. Hunching or rolling your shoulder can have negative impacts on your spine. It can grow you spine in a wrong way. Thus, you should keep your chin high shoulders backs and hips over your feet. You should also watch your postures while you are walking. Try to walk straight in place of slouching or slinking. This not only makes you grow longer but it can also make your look taller.

You can go for the Alexander technique. This technique used by trained actors and singe. This helps give you a good and attractive postures.

7.) Exercise to Grow Taller

Indulging in physical activities is another important way of growing taller. This is the best techniques for the adults or people who have crossed the age of puberty. You should indulge yourself in some good physical activities. The best way to try some physical activities is going for your favorite sports. When you are indulged in the sport of your choice, you indulged completely and by full health. Thus, you enjoy it fully and enjoy it. Your exercise should be incorporated with proper diet.

  • You can also go for stretches as well.
  • You can also try some other exercises like hanging. It is considered best among all.

8.) Swimming and Skipping Rope to Grow Taller

These two are the types of exercises that are mostly recommended to grow taller. Swimming leads to the stretching of your muscles and thus you grow tall. It elongates you muscles and you tend to become tall. You should go for swimming for at least two hours a day five times a week.

You can also try skipping rope. This exercise is great for children. It helps in keeping your spine straight and also strengthens your bones. So, you can surely go for this exercise.

9.) Drink Water to Grow Taller

Water is the solution to a number of health problems. You should also drink plenty of water in order to get taller. Our body is 70 per cent water and thus keeping body hydrated always is necessary to grow taller. Hydrated body has more potential to become taller. It also helps in removing toxins from the body. When there are toxins in your body, you don’t tend to grow nicely. Thus, you should drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated always. You need to drink at least three liters of water every day. Also, you can exceed the limit. You can also consume more juice and have fruits that have more water contents in them.

10.) Take Medical Help to Grow Taller

You can also seek medical help to grow taller. If most of the members in your family are tall, including your mom and dad, then in case you can seek medical help. In such case, there are chances that there are some medical issues with your body and thus you are not growing tall. In such case, you can consider seeing a doctor and he will tell you the best about it.