How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes?

This article is about how to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are small, midge-like flies that form the family Culicidae. Females of most species are ectoparasites, whose tube like mouth parts pierce the host’s skin to consume blood. Thousands of species feed on the blood of different kinds of hosts, mainly humans, including mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Some mosquitoes also attack spineless species. Much more serious roles of many species of mosquitoes are as transmitter of diseases. In passing from host to host, some transmit extremely harmful infections like malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus, yellow fever etc. Anyone can get a mosquito bite.

how to get rid of mosquitoes

Methods to Get Rid of Mosquitoes:

Learn how to keep mosquitoes away from yourself, and take these mosquitoes prevention steps. You can apply some easy steps for mosquito bite to get rid of mosquitoes.

1.) Clean Out Standing Water to Prevent Mosquitoes

 Mosquitoes are often attracted to water, especially standing water. Common places of mosquito reproduction grounds include driveway puddles, old tires, clogged gutters, unfiltered fish pool, empty flowerpots, and any item that can hold water for more than a few days at a time. Use a broom to distribute the water for small splash on hard surfaces. Use a pump for larger splash.

2.) Fogging to Kill Mosquitoes

It is an effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. Go to your local municipal office for fogging in your residential area. This is the most common and easy solution to get rid of mosquitoes. You can also purchase a light fogging machine separately for your home. This kind of equipment available in your local market. By using fogging machine you can easily control mosquitoes. Fogging will also prevent the mosquito infestation.

3.) Plants to Repel Mosquitoes

There are many mosquito repelling plants. You can easily grow them in your garden. Plants like citronella grass, marigold, lavender, basil, are most common mosquito repelling plants to grow outside and inside home. They help you reduce the population of mosquitoes in your home. This is also a great way to make your home green and improve the aesthetics of your home decor. Try this method to get rid of mosquitoes.

4.) Mosquito Net to Prevent Mosquitoes

This is the only really effective way to prevent these small insects from getting inside to bite you, especially if there are open windows or doors of your room. Make sure you are not touching the net anywhere while you sleep. Mosquito net is a long term solution and this is one of the cheap and best to get rid of mosquitoes. Moreover, it doesn’t involves any harmful chemicals to kill mosquitoes.

5.) Mosquito Repeller to Fight Mosquitoes

Mosquito repeller is an easy way to get rid of mosquitoes. An electronic mosquito repeller repels mosquitoes by using a small speaker or piezoelectric disk which generate ultrasound. Electronic mosquito repellers are effective, and require no poisonous chemicals. They are safe, and require less energy. This is one time investment because these type of equipment have long life. You can easily buy them from your nearest store.

6.) Swatter to Kill Mosquitoes

A mosquito swatter is made of metal or plastic. Swatter is easily reachable to every person because it is cost friendly. This increases your chances of hitting a stationary mosquito by increasing the momentum of the swatter. Also you can try a rolled up magazine or newspaper. Kill the flying mosquito with a clap. This is a very simple process and will give you good results.

7.) Full Clothes to Prevent Mosquitoes

Long sleeved shirts and pants will help to protect you from mosquitoes bite when you are out of your house. Covering your skin is a very good approach to repel mosquitoes. Do not use any ointment directly on your skin. Avoid wearing heavy, unlit clothing in warm weather. Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, so staying cool to avoid mosquito bites. They also attract to colors like black, blue and red. Do not spray perfume while going outside during mosquito season. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweat, but the sweating can mask effectively to many mosquitoes Cover Room to Prevent Mosquitoes

8.) Cover Room to Prevent Mosquitoes

 Covering your room is also an effective way to get rid of mosquitoes. To do this check your windows and repair them if they have that can allow mosquitoes to enter inside. Silicon caulk or clay work well. Use weather stripping to seal door gaps, especially under the doors. There is no sure shot way to prevent mosquitoes from coming inside, but taking these precautions can really help you to get rid of mosquitoes.

9.) Burning Mixture Oil to Eliminate Mosquitoes

 Burning an oil mixture can repel the mosquitoes. The smoke coming out of the burning oil, blocks the respiratory tract of mosquitoes. To apply this remedy, get an oil burner and use a candle or a sprit lamp to heat some water and an essential oil like lemon eucalyptus, lavender. The heat of the candle or sprit lamp will evaporate the oil into the air. These oils are available in your local market and wont cost you much.

10.) LED Lights to Shoo Away Mosquitoes

LED lights are also very helpful to get rid of mosquitoes. Place yellow LED lights around doorways, windows and balconies. Mosquitoes would not hang around if the light is sourced from yellow LEDs, bug lights or sodium lamps. It will act as a repellent for the mosquitoes.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mosquitoes:

There are some home remedies which you can apply to get rid of mosquitoes. These are very effective and easy to use.

1.) Margosa Oil to Prevent Mosquitoes

If you have been thinking about killing the mosquitoes, margosa oil is the best option to try. It acts as a wonderful mosquito-repellent. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, mixing neem oil with coconut oil in a 1:1 ratio is a very effective method of keeping the mosquitoes away from yourself. Being a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal agent, margosa gives your skin a particular odor that keeps the mosquitoes away from you. To make an effective insecticide, mix margosa oil with coconut oil in equal portions and apply it on your body. This will help you in protecting from mosquito bites for several hours. Try this excellent remedy to get rid of mosquitoes.

2.) Eucalyptus to Prevent Mosquitoes

 It as an effective indoor insect-repellent which can help you to repel the mosquitoes. Mixture of eucalyptus oil and lemon oil is extremely effective in naturally repelling mosquitoes. Due to its active component named cineole, the lemon oil and eucalyptus oil works as antiseptic and insect-repellent both and they worked well when applied to the skin. The great part about this mixture is that it is natural and does not come with any side effects of chemical mosquito repellents. To try this remedy, mix lemon oil and eucalyptus oil in equal proportions and use it on your body and then check out the results. It will amaze you with positive results.

3.) Camphor to Kill Mosquitoes

This is easy and best option to kill mosquitoes in the house. It is made from the extract of a tree. Camphor have the longest mosquito repellent activity as compared to other natural products. Put light camphor in a room and close all the doors and windows to see the best result. Leave the room about fifteen minutes and go back to a mosquito free environment. This is easily available and not costly.

4.) Basil to Repel Mosquitoes

Basil is extremely effective in killing mosquito larvae and helps in keeping the mosquitoes away. Simply planting a basil shrub near your window is all needed to keep mosquitoes away from your house. Alternatively you can take some dry leaves of basil and put them on fire.

5.) Tea Tree Oil to Kill Mosquitoes

 Tea Tree Oil has a number of benefits for skin and hair and is a very powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent as well. The odor and its antibacterial properties helps to prevent mosquitoes from biting. Rubbing some tea tree oil on your skin or adding a few drops of it to a vaporizer would be sufficient to protect mosquitoes from invading. Apply it to see the results.

6.) Garlic to Prevent Mosquitoes

 The bad or sharp smell of garlic prevents mosquitoes from entering into your house. Just boil some with water and spray it to prevent your house from mosquitoes. It is an easy and wonderful remedy to apply at your home.