How to Get Rid of Bees?

This article throws light upon the ways to get rid of bees. With summer, you think about the picnics, fun or any outdoor activities. When you bring food outside the small insects, bees, wasps start murmuring all around. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. These are amazing creatures. They communicate by dancing and pinpointing the sources of food. It is believed that if there are no bees in this world, there would be no life. It is important to protect these small insects and allow them to share the living space with you. Of course, bees can create a nuisance when they are present in a group. But sometimes bees build their hives near your houses, balconies or garden. They make nests, hives and dig the wood for their shelter.

When these bees get threatened, they can trouble you. Most of the people are allergic to their sting. Sometimes they can be deadly and cause death. So it becomes important to keep yourself away from these stinging insects. However, learning how to get rid of bees id not difficult as you might think. There are several ways to eradicate bees.

how to get rid of bees

Ways to Get Rid of Bees:

If you find bees all around your home, here is the solution. There are some tips to get rid of bees. Try some of them to prevent yourself from these small creatures.

1.) Soapy Water to Kill Bees

Using soapy water is an effective home remedy to get rid of the bees. This water helps to trap the bes and kills them. The contents present in soap blocks the respiratory system of the bees. It can also make the bees to leave their hive. To try this remedy, take some amount of soap or detergent. Mix it in water. The ratio of soap and water should be 1:4. Now put it in a spray bottle. It is always advised to cover your body before spraying this mixture. Spray the mixture in the garden or near the areas where you find bees most of the times. Step forward to bee hive and spray the solution. Bees will fly away from their place and some of them will die. If these small creatures haven’t left their place, repeat the process again.

2.) Vinegar to Get Rid of Bees

Vinegar is another remedy to protect bee infestation. It has a strong odor, which kills the bees. As vinegar is very volatile in nature, so it make bees immobilize and suffocated them by smell. To try this remedy, take some vinegar in a spray bottle and add water in it. The quantity of vinegar should be one fourth of the water. Mix the ingredients well. Remember to cover your body before starting this process. Now spray the liquid on the places where you find the maximum number of bees. Also, put it on the grass, plants and near the areas of hive. Notice the areas and if you still found these insects, spray the solution again. This is among the natural remedy to get rid of bees.

3.) Moth Balls to Kill Bees

Moth balls are also among powerful remedy to kill the bees. Its strong odor prevents the bees to enter the places near you. This alternative is very effective without calling an expert. The best way to use moth balls is to hang it near the bee hive in your home. Also, you can put these balls in socks or wrap in a piece of cloth. Notice it after some days. These balls will evaporate. Again, put the balls in the desired places. Do this remedy for some days and you will find that bees are leaving their hives due to the effect of moth balls.

4.) Soda Pop to Prevent Bee Infestation

Whenever we talk about the soda pop, cold drinks come in our mind. Yes, these sweet soda can help you out to kill the bees. This sweet and tasty remedy is easy to do and very effective. The only thing you need is soda bottle and any sweet soda drink. First of all breaks the old soda bottle in half. Now fill it with soda, liquid. Keep this bottle near the garden or walls where you find the maximum number of bees flying around. The scent of soda will attract the bees and they will drown into the solution. Repeat this process and you will notice a reduction in the bee population.

5.) Zapper to Shoo Away Bees

Zapper is a powerful device to shoo away bees. It is an electronic device which is used to kill insects. This instrument is easily available in the market. The sharp supersonic sound from these zappers irritates the bees and makes them to fly away. Most of the insects find it as a high pitch sound and can’t tolerate it. All you have to do is buy a zapper and keep it near the hive. You can also put any sticky material near it to trap the bees. This sticky material will catch the bees and they will be unable to fly. Try zapper to kill the insects.

6.) Garlic Powder to Get Rid of Bees

Garlic is famous for various home remedies. It is easily available and is cost friendly. Garlic has a very pungent smell. It repels most of the insects. Insects finds the smell very suffocating and they leave their native place. To get rid of bees you can try garlic powder. All you need to do is just put garlic powder near the bee hives. The strong smell of garlic will repel the bees and they may change their colony. Alternatively, you can boil some garlic in water. Put it in a spray bottle and spread it on the beehives. This is an easy remedy to get rid of bees.

7.) Almond Oil to Eradicate Bees

If you are looking for one of the best home remedies to get rid of bees, you should pay attention to this simple tip. Almonds are a great product that can be used to kill bees. The strong smell of almond oil is very helpful to eradicate the bees. To use this oil first of all you need to cover yourself. Now insert this oil in the bee hive. When bees will come in its contact, they will immediately die. You can apply it during the day when these insects go in search of food. Try this remedy to protect yourself from bees.

8.) Boric Acid to Eliminate Bess

Boric acid works as a wonder to shoo away bees. It is a recommended product to eliminate the bees. Boric acid comes in powdered form and is very toxic to kill the insects. If you are looking for best home remedies for killing these wasps, buy boric acid from nearest chemical stores. To use this remedy, all you need to do is sprinkle some boric acid powder near the bee hives. Alternatively, you can put some powdered boric acid in a spray bottle. Add water in it. Mix the ingredients well. Now spray it on the places of bee infestation. It will kill the entire population of bee immediately. Try this remedy to see the amazing results.

9.) Black Pepper to Shoo Away Bees

Most of the insects are sensitive to black pepper. You can kill these wasps by using this effective remedy. The good part is that black pepper is easily available in your kitchen. That means you don’t have to spend lots of money in purchasing the chemicals to kill bees. Black pepper does not have any side effects. All you need to do is sprinkle some black pepper on bee hives. Alternatively, you can put powdered black pepper in a spray bottle and add a little water in it. Now sprinkle it on the beehives. You are recommended to wear gloves and cover your body because some bees are going to attack you back.

10.) Paint to Eliminate Bees

It is very helpful to get rid of bees. Paint has a very sharp smell and it repels the bees away. As carpenter bees dig the tunnels for their shelter. Painting the objects like windows, doors, walls, railings or so on, can help you out to prevent bees in your house. The good news is that paint not only repels the bees, but it will help your house look beautiful. Use a good quality paint and apply two coats of it for better protection. Oil based paints are also very helpful to keep the bees away. Try this remedy to eliminate bees.