How to Get Dimples?

This article will give you all the tips to get dimples on your cheeks or face. A face with dimples is quite pleasant. Those who have dimples are lucky as it adds beauty to their face and must be thankful to their parents. This cute deformity is genetic.  Dimples are cute in all the ways. It adds beauty, cuteness and gives you a sexier look. When we see some celebrities with their dimples, it steals your heart. It looks so adorable and brings irresistibly cute look to the face. Some people are blessed with dimples while others are not. First of all you need to understand the fact and causes of dimples.

Dimples on cheeks or any part of the body is the natural deformity. This occurs because your some of the muscles are intended by the bones. When you smile, the muscles of your skin stretch up causing a crest in your cheek. This dig is called as a dimple. If you are not among the lucky one to have dimples by birth, you can create your own. It ranges from all the natural methods up to surgical procedures.

How to get dimples

Ways to Get Dimples:

Is there any way to get dimples on the face? Learn how to achieve dimples for an adorable and beautiful look.

1.) Piercing to Get Dimples

Yes, it is possible to get dimples with piercing.  It is a fast way to get dimples. Although it is a painful act, but it will surprise you with fruitful results. However, if you try it, keep in mind the painful methods and some risks of infection. Do not do piercing at home. It is always better to go to professionals who have a good reputation in piercing. Make sure that when you go for piercing, you should use antibacterial needle and soap for this process. The other tools which are used for piercing must be clean to avoid any risk of infection. After your piercing is done, take proper precautions and protect your skin.

2.) Surgery to Get Dimples

If you are very eager to get dimples, you can try out some surgeries. It is also called dimpleplasty. In this procedure, it takes around 30 minutes. A patient undergoes under a local anesthesia so that he doesn’t not feel any pain during his surgery. Some incisions are made by cosmetic surgeons. They place a suture in your cheek, which holds the muscles, so that it becomes short to provide you a dimple. It is a permanent solution to get dimples on your face. Some cautions are to be taken after your surgery. It takes time for healing and after some time a clear dimple comes to your face. Try this out to have dimples.

3.) Press Cheeks to Build Dimples

You can try some ordinary and easy methods to get dimples on your face. It is one of the easy way without any pain, operations or surgeries. With this method you can naturally get dimples. Press and hold the cheeks. Put fingers on the areas where your cheeks indent most. Remember to apply this process on both the cheeks. Always make sure that you are doing it in a right place. Smile a little and change the position if required. Press it for 30 minutes a day if you can. Pressing cheeks don’t give you long term results. But it can help you out in your selfies. Repeat this process for a few weeks to get amazing results.

4.) Suck Up the Cheeks to Get Dimples

Sucking up the cheeks is one of the easiest ways to get dimples. It can introduce you to have beautiful dimples without any pain or surgery.You can suck your cheeks inside by holding them with your mouth. Keep it for a few seconds and relax them. This exercise can give you natural dimples, if you repeat it daily. It is very simple to do. When you do this exercise, you have to look in a mirror and make sure that you are doing it correctly. Repeat this at least 10 times for several days or until you get desired results.

5.) Draw Bow Moon on Cheeks to look Cute

It is an artificial way to have dimples on your cheeks. This natural method can make you look cute. Moreover, this is a painless method without any surgery. You can draw a bow moon shaped drawing on your cheeks. To do this, start from the highest point of your dimples and unwind the mouth. Draw a small bent line by using an eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. You can easily wash it away if you get bored with it or you are not looking attractive. Try this out to have dimples.

 6.) Smile Wide to Build Dimples

It is said that if beauty is power, a smile is its sword. Smile is the easiest way to get dimples naturally. It also makes your mood happy and look attractive. But remember to smile wide. Look in the mirror and start to give a wide smile. Hold it for 2 minutes. Keep on repeating the process, at least for 10 minutes in a day. You may notice wrinkles on your face while smiling. You should take any chance to smile and blessed with dimples. Try this method as it is best to build temporary dimples which are suitable for your photos.

 7.) Plucker Lips to Have Dimples

To do this remedy, plucker the lips and then suck your cheeks. To do this, you need to crease your lips and suck the cheeks. Make your face as you have eaten a lemon or any sour food. The lips should be slight pout and cheeks should be sucked in. The cheeks will start indent inside. Do this for 30 minutes in a day. By doing this you can build up the natural dimples on your face. However, this method does not have any scientific evidence and is yet unclear and doubtful. But if it is done on a daily basis, you can get fruitful results.

8.) Make Up to Get Dimples

If certain exercises are not working or you are looking for immediate dimples on your face. It is an easy way to build up the dimples fast. To do this, apply the foundation evenly on your face. Now take an eyeliner or brown colored pencil to create a dot on your face where you have creases. The color which you are using should be perfectly, blended with your face. See the results and make any corrections if necessary.  If you don’t know how  to do a proper makeup, you can consult to a beautician or visit any nearest parlor.

9.) Good Diet to Have Dimples

Some people have dimples but they are not clearly visible. This happens due to overweight or underweight conditions. So, it is very important for you to know your fat percentage levels. If you are losing out your dimples, start eating a healthy diet. You should limit junk food, sugars, and processed food. Your diet should contain nuts, cereals, vegetables or plant proteins. Moreover, one should drink plenty of water in a day.

10.) Pen to Get a Dimple

This is an easy and efficient way to build dimples fast and naturally. You can do this method in your home by following some simple ways. First of all smile and check the bent or creases on your face. Now take two pens and press it against the cheeks and muscles. Do this at regular intervals of time. By applying this method you can bless with dimples, so do not hesitate to do this. Make sure that your pen or pencil is not sharp. Practice it every day to get dimples easily.

 11.) Face Exercises to Build Dimples

There are many exercises which you can do to achieve dimples. As cheeks are not just the skin tissues, but it is made up of muscles. If you dire to get dimples on your face, you need to perform certain exercises. Just contact and relax the muscles of your face to get this cute deformity. Do it systematically and have the desired results.

12.) Pout to Have Dimples

By making pout faces, you can get dimples. It is an effective way to have dimples on your face. All you need to do is make a pout with your lips. Hold it for 5 minutes. Now press your cheeks with the index fingers on both sides of your cheeks. Repeat this for 30 minutes if you can. This method will help you a lot to get dimples.