How to Dye your Hair?

Dyeing your hair at home can be quiet complicated. But it is actually very simple. All you need is to know the right ways to dye your hair. It can save your pocket and lots of time. You can easily switch to your favorite hair color. If you are wondering to get the funky hair color, you can easily get it at home. The old school days have passed and now it’s time to reinvent yourself. The idea of crazy hair color is very interesting, especially during the summer beach side parties.

how to dye your hair

Methods to Dye your Hair:

Now, say bye to the old hair color and give yourself a new look. Here are some ways to dye your hair.

1.) Wash Hair before Dyeing

Before you apply the hair color, it is mandatory to wash your hair. Doing this allows the natural oils in the hair to develop. The dye which you will use will blend more naturally with your hair. It makes the color to last longer. If possible, avoid conditioner when you wash your hair. The conditioner eliminates the natural oils, and won’t allow the dye to stand in. If in case your hair is extremely dry, condition it every night for at least five minutes in a hot shower. This will prevent your hair from drying out after you dye it.

2.) Choose Hair Color to Dye your Hair

Choosing a right hair color is very necessary to dye your hair. Sometimes it happens that you apply some hair color and you realize that you did a blunder. So make your mind and first to choose the right color. If you are applying hair for the first time, you can use a stick to dye your hair. Always remember to choose one shade darker or lighter than your natural color of the hair. You can use temporary or semi-permanent dyes. It will save you if you mess up your hair. These types of dyes get washed in 3-4 shampoos.

3.) Wrap a Towel to Protect Yourself from Stains

When you start dyeing your hair, and you don’t want spots on your dress, it is recommended to cover yourself. Cover yourself with a waste cloth or a towel. Make sure that none of the place is left opened. Also wear the gloves when you apply color on the hair. Cover any space around you with a newspaper or old shirt. Take these precautions before applying color to your hair.

4.) Brush your Hair to Apply Color

Before you start the coloring process, make sure that you brush your hair. It will remove the tangles in the hair. This step will make the coloring very easier. Brushing will help you to evenly dye your hair.

5.) Vaseline Coat before Applying Color

Applying a Vaseline or a lip balm will help to prevent the color from absorbing in the skin. Apply a coat on hairline, ears, neck or nearby areas. This step is optional. But doing this will ensure to get rid of unwanted color on the skin. It will make the process easier.

6.) Mix Dye to Apply Color on Hair

It is always recommended to follow the directions which are given on the bottle. Most of the dyes include the bowl in which you can easily mix the dyes. Follow the ways to combine the dye.  Use a brush to do this. If your box doesn’t contain the brush, you can buy it from the nearest store. Gradually mix it well and makes its thick consistency. Put a developer in the mixture. Usually dye box comes up with a developer. But if it is not present use a 20% developer.

7.) Divide Hair Before Dyeing

Divide the hair into two separate sections. You can use clip to divide and clutch the hair. One can use a salon clip to do this method. Separating the hair will ensure that it will not mess up with one another. You can also separate the hair into 3-4 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair.

8.) Apply Dye in Your Hair

Start dyeing your hair. To do this, break each section of your hair. Take a brush and dip it in a bowl of color. Now apply it on the hair strands. Start applying from the hair roots. Apply it throughout the hair strands. You can also color only the bottom part or the topmost layer of the hair. After covering the coloring part, wait for 3-4 hours. Never leave the color overnight as it can cause irritation or dryness. Always follow the exact instructions mentioned on the box.

9.) Wash Hair after Dyeing

After some time you can wash your hair. Also wipe the Vaseline applied in the hairline, neck and ears. Rinsing with warm water will give you much efficient results. Rinse it until the water runs clear. Don’t worry if you see the color in the shower. Always keep in mind that the dye is temporary and will continue to run each time when you wash your hair. After washing your hair, apply a conditioner. It will make your hair bouncy and shiner. Follow the proper steps to dye your hair.

10.) Dry and Style the Hair

Now dry your hair with the help of a drier. You can also use a soft towel to do this. After drying them, make your favorite hairstyle.

Ingredients to Color Hair Naturally:

Try some ingredients to color your hair.

1.) Coffee to Dye your Hair

Coffee works as great to color your hair. It makes your hair darker. Coffee covers the grey color and makes them soft. It also deeply nourishes them. Simply brew a strong coffee. Let it cool and mix with a cup of conditioner. Mix some coffee grounds in it. Apply it on the clean hair and keep it for 20 minutes. Now rinse your hair with water. If you want to retain the color for a longer period of time, rinse them with vinegar. Repeat this process for a couple of days to naturally dye your hair.

2.) Tea to Naturally Color your Hair

Like coffee, one can use tea to color the hair. It will make your hair darker. If you have lighter hair, tea can be a best ingredient which can be used. To use this remedy, make a concentrated tea. Use 3-5 tea bags in one cup of water. Mix it with a conditioner. Now apply it on the hair. Keep it for minimum for 20 minutes. The longer you will leave tea on the hair, more amazing results you will notice. Now wash your hair with water. Repeat this remedy to get the positive results.

3.) Beet to Color your Hair

This natural ingredient can help to get the beautiful hair. You can add natural tints of red color on the hair. Moreover, you can mix it with strawberry blonde to get deeper red color. Mixing beet juice with carrot can also give a nice color. You can simply apply its juice on the hair. Also you can mix it with some oil and apply on the hair strands. Keep it some time. Wash your hair gently and spray apple cider vinegar. This will help to lock the hair color.

4.) Hair Chalk to Get Colored Hair

It is one of the easiest way to color your hair. You can apply any color of your choice. Moreover, it is easy to remove. To do this simply wet your hair and run down a chalk on the hair strands. You can use a designated hair chalk or an oil based hair chalk to get a beautiful hair color. These color last long for 2-3 shampoos.

5.) Hairspray to Color the Hair

Hairspray is a common way to color the hair. It has been used by models as it can be done very quickly. It is a temporary way to get colored hair. These kinds of hairsprays last long for 2-3 shampoos. Moreover, you can do this by yourself. All you need to do is, buy a hairspray and mix the desired color in it. Spray it on the hair strands. Let them dry and enjoy with the beautiful colored hair.

6.) Apply Colored Gel to Dye your Hair

It is also a common way to get the colored hair. There are many color based gels which are easily available in the market. All you need to do is simply squeeze them and apply it on the hair. It is easy to do. It also washes out with shampoo which is a plus point.