How to Apply Makeup?

Beauty is trending. It is important for both men and women. Sometimes you get attracted to the looks of any actor.  Well!. You can also get the same looks. All you need to do is apply makeup. This makeup enhances the beauty and make you look gorgeous. It becomes an important part, when one is planning a party, function or a get together. Applying a right make up is a very important factor. Wrong and fizzy makeup can make you look like a clown. This article contains a few tips to apply makeup.

How to apply makeup

Methods to Apply Makeup:

To apply makeup, it is very important to know the proper steps. Follow them to get the awesome look.

1.) Know your Skin Type to Apply Makeup

Before applying a makeup, it is very important to know your skin type. When you go to the cosmetic shop, the sales person is usually trained to understand your skin type. They can analyze your skin and suggest some good products for your skin. You can buy the products suggested by them from the counter. Always remember that after getting the suggestions from the sales assistant, try them yourself. There are test samples available in the store, which you can try to know the skin type. Once you have all the products you need, start with the actual makeup.

2.) Wash away Old Makeup to Look Good

It is a very important step before you apply a makeup. When you put makeup, it is very necessary to start with a clean palette. Remove the makeup that you might have slept with. If you apply the new makeup, on the old makeup, it will appear unnatural and caked. So it is mandatory to start with a fresh face. Thoroughly clean your face with milk. Use a cotton to do this. Open up all the clogged pores that can irritate your skin. One can also use a good makeup remover or a baby oil to do this. Sleeping with a makeup can cause wrinkles, blemishes can may clog your pores.

3.) Wash the Face Before Starting Makeup

Washing face is very necessary as it removes all the dirt and dust from the skin. It is also for the same reason as above. Use a mild face wash and massage your skin gently, by spending half a minute. It will help to remove the bacteria a dead skin cells. Rinse your face with cold water. This is an important step to apply makeup.

4.) Primer to Apply Makeup

Primer adds tone to the looks. It acts as a base to your makeup. Before applying a primer, always apply a good quality moisturizer. It will help to enhance the appearance of the makeup and make it long lasting. To apply this you can use your forefingers. Put it on the whole face by putting a small amount of it. You have to wait for 2-5 minutes to soak it. It will make easier to apply foundation. Follow this method to apply makeup.

 5.) Foundation to Look Beautiful

The foundation gives you a smooth complexion. There are many types of foundation such as liquid, cream and powder. Usually, powder and liquid foundations are good for oily skin and cream foundation is best for dry skin. They all are applied in a same way. It is very important to use a foundation, related to your skin type and skin color. To ensure that your foundation is long lasting, keep it away from the effects of heat and sweat. To apply this, take a foundation and lightly apply a small quantity on your face. Use two dots on your forehead and two on the cheeks. Gently blend it with your hand. One can also use a sponge or foundation brush. Blend it well near the hairline and the lip area.

6.) Concealer to Apply Makeup

The role of concealer is to make the skin even. It hides dark circles, blemishes and  wrinkles. Always buy a concealer which is two tone lighter than your skin tone. It will lighten the damp areas of your face and highlights the makeup. To apply this you can use your fingers or brush. Blend your concealer on the under eye area in an upside down direction. Also put it on the bridges of the nose, chin and center of the forehead. Blend the areas of the concealer so that is seamlessly blends in the foundation. Set the foundation and concealer by using a beauty sponge powder. For this you can use a large brush. This step is very important if you are using a liquid foundation. It will bring upon shine and removes tackiness. Do this method to apply makeup.

7.) Highlighter to Look Stunning

After completing the above process, apply a highlighter. It will create an illusion and highlights, the shadows. One can use a cream or a powder for this. Apply it on the deepest areas such as corners of the eyes, cheekbones, corners of lips or so on. This will make your face so bright and give you a pleasing look. To do this, create a number 3 shape on the cheekbones and forehead. You can use your fingers or brush to apply a highlighter.

8.) Contour to Apply Makeup

This is the opposite of highlighting a makeup. It is used to create a depth. Contour involves adding of powder that is a few shades darker than your skin tone. It is different from bronze. Typically, it is used to lighten your cheekbones, sides of the nose and the jaw line. You can put it on your forehead. This will make your face look thinner and longer in appearance. It will also give a natural look and  a long lasting makeup. After you complete the contour, move to the further steps. One can use a big brush to apply this method. Follow the above tips to add depth with contour.

9.) Blush to Add more Beauty

Applying a blush gives you a more natural look. Use it after applying a foundation. A cream blush gives a more natural look. It rectifies the mistakes in the makeup. Use a cream brush on your cheeks. Simply smile and blend it from the cheeks to the temples. You can apply it with your forefingers or a brush. Give a gentle strokes while blending it. After doing this check the both sides of the cheeks and make sure it is same. If you want it in more intensity, use a blush and blend it. Try this method to apply makeup.

10.) Eyeshadows for Perfect Makeup

Eyeshadows enhance the look and makes you more attractive. There are different colors of eyeshadow. You can match them with your dress or give a smoky look to the eyes. Eye makeup is very crucial and important in the overall makeup process. Use a primer to prime the eyes. If your skin in oily then this is a compulsory step for you. It will remove the excess oil and keep your eye makeup to last long. In case of shimmery look, use a good quality shimmer. This is a great way to look attractive. Use a finger to dab on the eyeshadow primer. Also, you can use a small brush.

11.) Apply Eyeliner for Eye Makeup

The purpose of eyeliner is to give a fusion to your eyes. It is important to choose the color which matches to your hair color. For a smudgy look, use an eyeliner pencil or create a sleek by a cream or a liquid liner. You can create a dash or the dotted line. Continue this line. Adding a wing to the eyeliner also gives you an attractive look. It will give you a bolder look and add more to the eyeliner. You can use a water liner  or a pencil for this. Do this to apply makeup.

12.) Apply Lip Makeup

A lip makeup enhances the beauty of the lips. To do this, first of all you  need to smooth the lips, by a lip balm, primer or a sealer. It will make the lips soft and shiner. Also, it will removes the flanks or dryness of the lips. Now apply a lip liner which matches the color of your lipstick. Sharpen your pencil and give an outline. It will give texture to the lips. Now apply a lip gloss or a lipstick for a bold appearance. Also cover the edges of the lips. Finish the look by spreading it with a finger. Follow these steps to apply makeup.